• Smart switches for

    Every life style.

  • The new identity of

    Home Automation solution

  • Meet the need of

    Smart Home


Elegantly attached to your walls, these screw-less panels are a treat to your eyes and the feather-touch clean edged design gives a feeling of total content.


You do not have to be an expert to use Reeva. Right from unboxing the product to switching on your devices with it, the user manual walks you through a hassle-free experience.



Worried about a device turned on, even when you are not home? Just check your mobile application and control all device panels.


Connect just any electroninc device of any variant on Reeva touch-switch panels. It supports them all.

Smart Door Bell

Knock –knock or No-knock, your doorbell alerts you. Expected or unexpected visitors, you get to know that someone intends to get into your house.

Smart Curtain

Imagine waking up in the morning without the alarm clock ticking, sun rays giving you a good morning kiss and you start your day with a smile.

Smart AC Controller

In simple terms an IR controller is a signal converter which simplifies the operations of multiple devices from a single location or device.