Hotel Automation

Reeva smart devices will enrich you with Smart, Elegant and Energy efficient solutions to enhance your living experience

Hotel Automation

Smart LED lights with Built in Light Control Engine and Motion Sensor. It allows Lights to auto dim and bright as per the user's need, it helps users to avoid unnecessary use of electricity.

Smart Guest Checks - IN

Through SMS check in link, No need to visit front desk, Straight to your room with Smart Phone.

Accesses Smart Room

Control lights, Temperature, curtains, to control AC and heating usage, and orders from provided PWA and Amazon Alexa.

Air Quality and Environment

Measure the Air quality and manage the air purification, AC and heating device accordingly

Easy adoption to existing Hotels

At any point of given time Hotel owner can onboard to Reeva IoT solution in minimum time and at affordable cost.

Easy device administration

Manage your customized control panel to know exactly how each device is performing from anywhere at anytime.

Energy Measuring

Optimise the use of energy by learning exactly how much consumption is happening and when there’s room for savings

How It Works