Programmable Motion Sensor based IR control device


Control Ir Devices Intelligentlly

IR Blaster with local artificial intelligence allows user to control and monitor their IR based devices through single mobile app. It helps users to avoid unnecessary use of electricity with its various intelligent features.

360 Degree IR Coverage

Allows seamless connectivity with all IR devices around the room.

Mobile App And Voice Control

All the configured IR devices can be controlled with the Reeva mobile app.

Easy   To   Settup   And   Configure

Easy & self code capturing makes setting it up with the Reeva IR blaster very easy.

Unique AI

It has built in artificial intelligence which process the collected IR devices data locally and provides personalised experience, it synchronize with built in motion sensor to avoid unnecessary use of electricity.

Built in Motion Sensor

It can control all IR remote controlled devices like TV, AC, Set Top Box, Speaker, Air Coolers and more in a room. It comes with inbuilt remotes of AC & Set Top Boxes from Indian market.

BuiltIn   WiFi & Ble

it comes with inbuilt WIFi and BLE which allows user to connect it with third party devices.

Application Areas