Programmable Motion Sensor Based Lights

Save up to 70% * on Electricity Consumtion

Programmable LED Lights

Microcontoller Based Sensor Lights

Smart LED lights with Built in Light Control Engine and Motion Sensor. It allows Lights to auto dim and bright as per the user's need, it helps users to avoid unnecessary use of electricity.

Save upto 70%* Of Electricity

Its a sustainable lighting in many ways. First, programable motion control based LED lights which saves up to 70% on your electricity consumption.

Roi within 1 Year

It requires lower maintenance cost and comes with more intellectual energy consumption.

Demand Driven Lighting

An intelligent motion sensor based lighting automatically activates when a car or pedestrian is noticed in the area. In case of no activity light gets auto adjusted to its minimum light level.


No need to understand complex wiring, Uninstall existing lights and install the Reeva lights by following the step-by-step standard installation process.

Programable   LED Driver

Auto Timeout and Lighting Levels are programmable to meet the application's requirements .

BuiltIn   Intelligence

With local AI it constantly check the motion and give the perfect brightness to use .

Application Areas

Parking Lights

Corridor Lights

Office Lights