Home Automation

Reeva Home Automation provides Simple, Secure and Scalable Smart Lighting Experience

Home Automation

Scenes And Moods

With dedicated mobile application and voice command , user can create scenes accoding to their lighting preferences.

Dim & Bright

User can dim,bright and monitor all the connected lights with Reeva smart LED driver though its mobile application.

Voice Control & Integration

Reeva devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistance and so user can operate its functions through voice control.

Easy   To   Settup   And   Configure

Reeva app and system integration make easy to settup and configure all the Reeva devices.

Multi-User Control

Device owner can add or remove other users to provide an easy excess of Reeva devices.

BuiltIn   Intelligence

With local AI it constantly check the motion and give the perfect brightness to use .

Smart Home Integration

it can integrate with your smart lights, switches and other smart appliances to provide the best home automation experience.

Alerts & Notification

Comfy device helps users with motion and noise alerts while user are away from their home.

Demand Driven Lighting

An intelligent motion sensor based lighting automatically activates when a car or pedestrian is noticed in the area. In case of no activity light gets auto adjusted to its minimum light level.