Smart LED Driver

Upgrade your normal lights to smart

Smart LED Driver

Reeva Smart driver allows you the ultimate control over your lighting. Adjust your light’s brightness or set a whole room’s scene with the Reeva smart driver.

Upgrade to Smart Light

It has Built - in WiFi to control , monitor, bright & dim the light remotely through dedicated mobile app and voice control.

Scenes And Moods

With dedicated mobile application and voice command , user can create scenes accoding to their lighting preferences.

Dim & Bright

User can dim,bright and monitor all the connected lights with Reeva smart LED driver though its mobile application.

Voice Control

It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistance and so user can operate its functions through voice control.

Mobile App Control

It will come with dedicated mobile application which allows user to configure their preferences.

BuiltIn   WiFi

it comes with inbuilt WIFi which allows user to connect Reeva smart lights with third party devices.

Supported Luminaires

RGB Lights

Tuneable Lights

Panel Lights

Profile Lights

Cove Lights

Flood Lights