No. You need to remove your old modular switches from the existing wires, REEVA will fit in perfectly without any changes to your existing wiring.
Well, Contact us through our website and we will get back to you with details of our Retail Partners OR mail us at sales@convasys.com OR call on (+91-8511177703).
No. Unless you want these touch-switch panels to operate through our Mobile Application or Remote Control and make your home a Smart Home.
Yes. The speed of your Fan can be controlled by default, however, you need to have dimmable LED lights (phase cut) and buy our REEVA Premium Scene Control panels for brightness controls.
Yes. We are launching REEVA with a mobile application for Android as well as iOS and coming up soon with the Remote Control. Kindly visit Future Products for further details.
A single switch on a given touch-switch panel can withstand a maximum load of 400 Watts per device connected. Connect your devices and balance the load on a panel accordingly and also educate your technician before moving ahead with the connections. For Technical Specifications please visit our Product page.
Please go through our awesome range of Products, if you still need customization Contact Us.
Check-out our touch-switch panels, they look gorgeous in Black and White finish. If, you are not yet convinced, Contact Us and we will try our best to bring that smile on your face.
Yes. Comes in Matt finish by default, can be converted to Glossy easily, just beware of the scratches that the glossy finish will lead to in the future.