Why upgrade to REEVA ?

Smart Home means the proficency of tying diverse electronic devices to one unified system using Internet Of Things (IoT). Remote access your devices and alter settings to witness the changes it brings to your life.

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Everyday Issues

We develop big ideas that sell.

Accidently Left Lights ON
Leave lights and fans ON when not in use
Worried for home security
Can't remember if doors & windows are locked.
Wonder what's your child doing ?
reeva Home

How It Works


Replace your old modular switches with Reeva's Smart Touch Switch Panels

Connect to your Wi-Fi router

With help of App, you just have to connect newly installed smart touch switches to your existing home Wi-Fi router. And It's done.

Control from Anywhere

We build cloud enabled mobile apps for Android and iOS to put all your lighting control at your fingertips.

Experience Reeva

Style it up

Feather-touch, stylish, tough and gorgeous, Reeva is all you want it to be. Experience it.

Old worth

Existing wiring isn’t a problem. Follow installation instructions and you are good to go.


No hub needed for integration. Your existing Wi-Fi router and Reeva will blend well.

Android & iOS

Download the app from your application store and start experiencing the magic of Reeva.

Flexi Control

Speed control for fans and dimmer control for lights. Experience magic as per your mood.

And your wallet Says

Just buy Reeva. Pretty decently priced for a product as colossal. Price available on Request.